May 10, 2015

Is Your Building Ready for Summer?

~Courtesy BuildingEngines.Com

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, temperatures are finally starting to heat up and signs of summer are rolling in. It also marks that time of year when commercial real estate property owners and managers need ensure that their buildings are ready the seasonal changes in order to avoid unexpected issues or costs.

I recently saw some great tips from CRE blogger Anica Oaks, and wanted to share them – albeit with the addition of some adorable furry friends. Without further ado, here are four steps to take to prepare your property for the next few months:

1. HVAC System Inspection: “Recent climate extremes have created unexpectedly cold and snowy winters and extremely hot summers. Give your HVAC system the care it need before it malfunctions or stops working altogether during a period of heavy usage. A reliable, professional heating and air-conditioning company can give your system a thorough inspection and repair so that you system will be ready for the hottest temperatures the summer may bring.”

2. Roof Inspection: “Summer often means severe storms, hail and even tornado activity that can put a severe strain on roofing materials. Start the summer out right by getting a professional roof inspection to determine any problems that might have occurred over the winter months. Ice and snow damage may have occurred that isn’t immediately evident. Loose tiles, damage to underlay materials and problems with gutters can lead to more serious problems as the season continues.”

3. Grounds Maintenance: “The winter weather may have blown significant amounts of debris onto your outdoor areas. A thorough cleanup of your property grounds can remove dead leaves, broken branches, papers and other matter from your commercial building’s exterior to create a more attractive and welcoming business atmosphere.”

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